EuroVenus - full documentary released
From 2013 - 2016, the EuroVenus consortium united dozens of researchers from across Europe in research of the planet Venus, using observations from the Venus Express satellite, but also from a range of telescopes around the world.... Read More
Future scientific exploration (EuroVenus episode #6)
In April 2016, an International Venus Science onference was held in Merton College, Oxford, U.K. - this brought together almost 150 scientists from around the world.

The conference provided a good opportunity to present the late... Read More
Venus Transit (Eurovenus episode #5)
On the 6 June 2012, Venus passed directly in front of the Sun (as viewed from Earth). This transit of Venus is a very rare event, occurring roughly twice per century. The transit of Venus is of historical importance - because the ... Read More
Venus spins on its axis only once every 243 Earth days, which is indeed longer than one Venus year (224 Earth days). If you stood on the surface of Venus, though, the Sun would rise every 117 Earth days, due to the motion of Venus around the Sun.