Final meeting of the EuroVenus consortium!
November 21st, 2016
The EuroVenus project held today its final project meeting. Its funding from the European Commission ran from 1 Oct 2013 until 30 Sep 2016 - today's meeting, in Lisbon, was to close the activity, and to confirm that all promised outputs had been successfully delivered (they have!).

The EuroVenus consortium has provided benefits which will be felt long after the close of the grant funding. It has provided training for ten PhD students and postdocs, who will be productive for many decades to come. International research partnerships have been forged which will continue; many of the ground-based observations pioneered during the EuroVenus project, in support of the Venus Express orbiter, will carry on in support of the Akatsuki Venus orbiter. EuroVenus funding has also provided planetary research groups survive through lean times, to apply their experience to new challenges.

The Eurovenus website and twitter account will stay live - please continue to follow us!